Is there some way of defining a specific path for a repository?

I’d really like my repository to have a path using say the shortname or something I can modify rather than the numeric id of the repository. Is there some way to do this?

Why would you want that? Is there a specific use-case, or do you just want it to look nice?

Partly but largely so it is straightforward to recognize which repository is which for potential future migration.

It’s technically possible today to use bin/repository list-paths and bin/repository move-paths, but these are very low-level tools and I’d discourage you from using them for this purpose.

Long ago, there was more support for customizing paths. However, this had a lot of security implications (configuring a repository to use a path where some repository you don’t have permission to see already exists), and configuration/complexity implications (users pointing repositories at existing working copies and having different expectations about what that meant; users moving working copies around on disk) and is unlikely to return to the upstream.

Ok, thanks