Issue of authentification on


I actually have an issue of failed login to the url: as I try to authenticate with my git hub account/google… , and it shows that It is banned by the administrator , I would like to have an explanation if it is possible :smiley:




Do you actually have an account there? I searched for “asmatrk” and couldn’t find any users.

The error message is that you can’t register via Google, which is true. is no longer open for registration.


Actually, I have registered few days ago, yet I’m not able to authenticate neither to create a new account, as you can see below :


Ok, sorry let me try to explain again. Registration is closed an no longer
open on, all community support is now handled
here. The tracker is essentially invite only.

If you did register before the cutoff, and received an email from us,
please give me the information so I can look up your account and see what
the issue is. Every image posted so far is expected behavior with
registration off - so without your account info, I don’t know how to
further look into the issue.


I see ! in fact, I find this totally accepted as I’m already part of this community support , Thank you for quick clear respond.


Having the same problem.
I would like to have account to track Tasks opened on
What are my options?


The only guaranteed way to get access to secure is to buy a support contract.