It is possible to set a severity for the inline comments?

Hello everyone,

it is possible to have a severity field for the inline comments? We have a requirement to mark each comment with a severity (trivial, minor, major).

There is a way to achieve this? By code?
Any suggestions are appreciated.


To satisfy this requirement, use this process for labeling comments with a severity:

  • Write the word “Trivial:” or “Minor:” at the beginning of comments with those severities.
  • Consider comments with no specified severity to be “Major”.

Thanks @epriestley, this is a way to do so.

Unfortunately humans sometimes make typos and you can imagine the results :slight_smile:
(We manage this in that way with the old code review tool)

Let’s think to proceed in that way, there is some mechanism that I can use to check after the “Submit” (or in real time) that there is for sure a severity in the comments? (Something like comments post-processing.)


Using this process, it is not necessary to check that comments have a severity: comments which do not begin with “Trivial:” or “Minor:” automatically have a “Major” severity. For example, a comment which begins “Munur:” (a misspelling of “Minor:”) is a comment with “Major” severity.