Klocwork integration

Hi all,

is there anybody who successfully integrated arcanist with klocwork ?
I’m trying to do it, but without success up to now.
Klocwork gives me a lock error when I run arc on more than one single source file.
Any suggestion is welcome.


The problem seems to be that klocwork is not parallelizable (because of its lock system) so I’m looking for a way to gather all files that have to be linted and then launch kwcheck on all of them in a single execution.
Is this the correct approach ?
Is there any linter integration working in this way ?


I don’t remember the details (this code changed since I last used it), but IIRC there used to be a method called lintPaths (vs lintPath) that was used for these cases.

Thank you.
Yes I’m digging in that direction. In my installation (I’m using a quite recent version of arcanist
dated on 27 Apr 2018) there are a couple of methods didLintPaths and willLintPaths, marked as final, but after some googling I realized that something is changed again.
This link seems quite interesting: https://secure.phabricator.com/D19630