Let RSS readers discover Phame blogs

It looks like this was implemented in 2013 (commit) and I can see it working for Wikimedia’s installation (example).

However, it is not yet very discoverable for people (or machines). I couldn’t find a link relation to it in the HTML, but just in case it was done by other means, I gave it a try in Feedly:

Something like the following would probably do it:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml"
 href=":phame/feed/:blogId/" title=":blogName" />

I’ve prepared a patch for Wikimedia’s downstream installation at:

Krinkle’s patch is now merged in Wikimedia’s fork of Phabricator. The patch[1] is self contained and fairly straightforward, should anyone be interested in cherry-picking it.

  1. rPHAB 3d33d1cceac7