Link inline comments with revision comment


We are looking into updating a plugin we built which sends linting information from SonarQube to Phabricator and decorates a revision with inline comments and an overall summary comment. We used the attach_inlines parameter of the differential.createcomment to achieve this before.

It is fairly straight forward to update the plugin to use differential.createinline and differential.revision.edit to post comments and inline comments but is it possible to link the two. When using attach_inlines the inline comments were displayed in the overall comment as links to the line of code. I believe they are related using groupID.

Is there a way to attach inline comments using a groupID to a “summary” comment on the revision? Or achieve the same behaviour as before?

Summary Comment

After the removal of attach_inlines, there is no way to submit inlines via the API.

Integrations like the one you discuss might be reasonable to implement as builds which submit lint messages instead:

  • Have Harbormaster trigger a Build, like “Run SonarQube”.
  • The Build activates some external process which runs the linter.
  • When the results are available, it uses harbormaster.sendmessage to submit the results as lint messages.

Hi, @SJC. Which integration did you use, and did your manage to resolve your issue?