Live link of moved phame post become 404 Not Found

Reproduction Instructions

  1. Using Phame with 2 or more blogs, create a post under one of them.
  2. Publish it, then keep a tab open that shows the post normally, and another tab with the “View Live” link.
  3. On a third tab, view the post again and use the “Move Post” feature.
  4. Refresh the two tabs we kept open.


Both links still work and render, or redirect to, the post in question.


The normal link still works, and doesn’t even redirect (the breadcrumbs change, but the url seems blog-agnostic, fine). E.g.

The live link is now broken, showing “404 Not Found”. E.g.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

  • phabricator 05afa15ce649ee208cf3c022c75aa85ae390eabc (Thu, Jul 4)
  • phutil 1ce011bc65687b2571c839bc1a0439cb1b0cdfd6 (Wed, Jul 10)


I filed this upstream as

This should be fixed by