Locked config settings unable to set via bin/config

So I have an external smtp server that is only authorized to send mail that has the <From: > set to a specific domain.

I have attempted setting via:

sudo /opt/phabricator/bin/config set metamta.default-address "noreply@bla.io"

However when I switch on debug settings and try to send it, it let’s me know that I have an unconfigured sending domain.

I then attempt to remediate this as I can only assume the database value is overriding my local source.

sudo /opt/phabricator/bin/config set metamta.default-address --database "noreply@bla.io"

However that gives off this error message:

Usage Exception: Config key "metamta.default-address" is locked and can only be set in local configuration. To learn more, see "Configuration Guide: Locked and Hidden Configuration" in the documentation.

Reading through the documentation is rather cofusing on this subject, as I read that locked values can only be set through the web ui and then I read only set via console.

And then I read that locked values are locked and can’t be edited ever. So my question is, which is it and how do I change this in the db or make the local source the used source?

Delete the database value:

phabricator/ $ ./bin/config delete --database metamta.default-address

Your local value will then be controlling.

Yeah that fixed it, thanks.