Locked out of a project / space



I have beed using Phabricator for a while now. Today I needed to add a new user to a project, but Phabricator said I couldn’t add a new user to a parent project. I didn’t need a sub project + it was archived, so I used the ./phabricator/bin/remove destroy to remove it.

After the child project was removed I still could not add new users to the proejct, so I was forced to create a new sub-project and add new users to it.

My structure looked like this:
projet.com - my patent project
projet.com-website - my sub-project

Once I added the sub project and hit save the parent has disappeared. I am now trying to gain access according to this doc: https://secure.phabricator.com/T10450, but I can’t get to it’s object id.

Has anyone faced this issue?


Unfortunately, no one has replied to this issue, so we managed to resolve it and here is how:

The issue was that we could not see the PHID-PROJ project ID due to the Spaces feature.

The solution was to get into the DB and to retrieve the full list of PHID-PROJs, locate the affected project and to then run the bin/policy unlock PHID-xxxx command to unlock the project.

Hope this helps.

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