Log containing reason (or hints) why a commit didn't close a diff?


Is there a log that would contain a reason for why a commit that was pushed/landed but wouldn’t close the diff that it was attached to? The repository itself has the following:

Publish/Notify On
Autoclose On

Default Branch master
Track Only Track All Branches
Autoclose Only branch_c

The diff in question has these attributes:

Differential > D456

Commits rREPO0123: Moved repos into new_repo

Diff Detail
Repository rREPO repo
Branch my_branch (branched from branch_c)

The commit in question has these attributes:

Committed p Thu, Jan 10, 12:00 PM
Pushed p Thu, Jan 10, 12:00 PM
Reviewer d
Differential Revision D456: [...]
Branches branch_c
Tags None
References branch_c

So it looks like the commit correctly knows of the diff…