Make build links more accessible from Diffusion commits
is closed as a duplicate of
which is closed as won’t fix because Harbormaster obsoletes it.

I found these while looking to implement the Differential comment feature of the Uber Phabricator Jenkins plugin for Diffusion commits as well.

In general, I would like a link to the Jenkins build page to be more readily accessible. Presently the instructions I shared with my team are:

In the Details box under Build Status click the Build 86: grid-tied link. Then in the Make HTTP Request box click the Artifacts tab. The Jenkins link under Summary goes to the Jenkins build page.

Allowing for Diffusion comments to be submitted via conduit, as is implemented for Differential already, would allow for a general feedback mechanism that each user can implement as needed for their own build system. This seems like a very general thing with lots of use cases but… My particular present use case could be addressed by making Harbormaster artifacts more readily available from the commit page.

Are there existing solutions I have missed or should I file a feature request for showing the Harbormaster URL artifacts on the Diffusion commit pages?

I think this is approximately

There’s no customer interest in this at the moment so this isn’t a priority, but ideally build status should be visible in Diffusion and Differential in similar ways (and richer in both), so we’re aligned with improving this if customer interest arises.