Management wants view with prose latest update for each project


I’ve been hunting around for a way to do this and I can’t find it, maybe I’m missing something…

Basically, we have lots of small, short-lived projects and the full feed that is shown in the project overview page is too noisy for management at this volume. They’re used to having the weekly update with a short prose update shown for each project. I need to try to replicate this somehow to get the project managers on board and out of their existing SharePoint site.

This sounds simple, I can use Phame posts tagged to each project, right? But I cannot find a good way/place to aggregate this data by project…

  • The Project overview dashboard isn’t configurable–if I could add a “Latest Phame post” panel to this, that would be perfect!
  • The feed on the Project overview page shows everything–if I could limit this feed to only show Phame posts, that would be perfect!
  • I could make a custom dashboard that showed what I wanted…but since there’s no function for “current project” in a dashboard (say, if you installed it on a project) I’d have to make a new query+panel+dashboard for every project every time we stand up a new project. I’ve even considered scripting this with Conduit, but I don’t think there are enough Conduit methods to accomplish it.
  • It would almost work to have the Phame blog post search able to be grouped by project…but that’s not available and wouldn’t allow me to have multiple project views for projects in different statuses e.g. (spin-up, active work, wind-down).
  • I could set up a Herald rule to catch relevant Phame posts…but I don’t think I can use that to aggregate them somewhere inside Phabricator…?

The requirements are, if I had to try to document them, basically:

  • 1 to 2 clicks from a list of projects (the list of projects is easy) to a view that shows the latest Phame post(s)
  • No filling in a form each time you want to move to a new project
  • No manual build of dashboards each time a project is set up–this is done by the project managers and they would balk at the level of effort–unless it could be automated.

I have written a few custom Remarkup rules, and writing a PHP class extension is also an option–maybe a custom Project field that links to the latest Phame post (?), are there any examples of something like this I could examine?

I think, in future, I can wean management from this and get them hooked on emails via Herald and finding the updates along with other relevant information themselves in the UI…but I’m having trouble progressing with adoption at this point. HELP!?


It’s possible to search for Phame posts by project via this URL: where myproject is the hashtag of your project.

You could also filter based on certain statuses if they’re defined as tags:,not(PHID-PROJ-rydbusqlz7fv66qluay4) where the PHID-PROJ-... would be the id of a status that should not be included.

You could probably write a custom field for Projects that generates the correct link for each project automatically.


Thanks, that’s helpful! I kept trying ?projects=myproject with no luck.

I ended up writing ~250 lines of Powershell using Conduit that generate an HTML report that has what I need. I’ll generalize/sanitize what I came up with and post it here sometime soon.