Manifest.edit column transaction type "powerful form" fails validation

The maniphest.edit documentation discusses 3 different possible values for the transaction.

  1. A string 2) List of strings 3) List of objects
    Although documented the 3rd option always seems to fail validation with an error.
Exception when processing transaction of type "column": Error while reading "value[0]": Expected string, got something else.

Seemingly the object case is not accounted for in validation.

Reproduction Instructions

This is reproducible on
(Though it was originally found on

For the required payload would be:

  "0": {
    "type": "column",
    "value": [
        "columnPHID": "PHID-PCOL-yyr6xtidns25wxhvr5b2",
        "beforePHIDs": [

OR as curl

curl \
    -d api.token=api-token \
    -d transactions[0][type]=column \
    -d transactions[0][value][0][columnPHID]=PHID-PCOL-yyr6xtidns25wxhvr5b2 \
    -d transactions[0][value][0][beforePHIDs][0]=PHID-TASK-ow67bv7kz6wszzzjhd6i \
    -d objectIdentifier=PHID-TASK-tzephi2tmeqk3c2aoo3l

This should result in an error.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
Both instances have their “Config” page locked down which is the suggested route to find the version, thus I can’t report the version here, but I’m sure someone knows / can aid.

Why do you expect the key beforePHID2 to be meaningful? That is, where in the documentation does it show that beforePHID2 does something?

Sorry that was a typo in the reproduction case while I was making sure that the deeper value was not what was failing the validation somehow.
Fixed the post to remove the 2 and can confirm the error still happens in this case for me but on and

Okay – why do you expect the key beforePHID to be meaningful? I don’t see that key in the documentation either.

Bah, okay I removed the 2 typo but didn’t re add the s.
I’ll edit the main post again, but the error still stands.

I am reading the documentation on ⇵ maniphest.edit
Specifically the 3rd example under Transaction Type: column
Which is

    "columnPHID": "PHID-PCOL-4444",
    "beforePHIDs": ["PHID-TASK-5555"]

Thanks, I filed this upstream as

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