Manifest/Task Forms

Version: Unfortunately I don’t know. On 04/27/2020 I downloaded the from github, If I go to config, it just says unknown.

./bin/arc version

USAGE EXCEPTION Library “arcanist” (at “/srv/html/arcanist”) is not a Git working copy, so no version information can be provided.

I unfortunately can’t do a git clone directly, I’m on an un-routed network.

One note I’d like to make is that I’m moving from RHEL6 to RHEL7, I’m attempting to do a new install on RHEL7 and then import data.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Locate a task to manipulate.
  2. Click on the “Add Action” drop down
  3. Select an action

What I am expecting is to see another field pop up, in which I can define the action. However I am not getting that.

I have a screen shot I can show in comparison to the version I am migrating from. In the screen shot, same task. Browser on left = old phabricator, Browser on right, new phabricator.

Thank you in advance,

Your browser’s Javascript/Developer console may have messages which are helpful in understanding this. Your “new” screenshot looks like it may be missing CSS. If there is an issue with static resources (JS/CSS), it could affect both the display behavior and the interaction.

(I would guess that this is most likely an environmental issue and probably not possible to debug or fix without access to a reproduction case.)

Thank you for the response.

If I open FF’s Developer Console I see these two messages:

JX.initBehaviors(…): behavior “phabricator-remarkup-assist” raised an error during setup. core.pkg.js:303:18
TypeError: “JX.PHUIXAutocomplete is not a constructor”
initBehaviors https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/49814bac/core.pkg.js:2054
initialize https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/49814bac/core.pkg.js:1769
__rawEventQueue https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/98e6504a/rsrc/externals/javelin/core/init.js:84

Error: JX.initBehavior(map): behavior(s) not registered: comment-actions, phui-submenu core.pkg.js:27:11
$E https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/49814bac/core.pkg.js:27
initBehaviors https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/49814bac/core.pkg.js:2065
initialize https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/49814bac/core.pkg.js:1769
__rawEventQueue https://HOSTNAME/res/defaultX/phabricator/98e6504a/rsrc/externals/javelin/core/init.js:84

Is there anyway you can point me to the different areas that get touched when a ‘Add action’ sequence is performed? I can then cross reference with the old setup to try and figure out what’s going on.

I’m sorry, I’m not really familiar with PHP or really web development. I got told: here make this work and support it and I’m not fully sure what I’m doing.


Those errors indicate that Javascript is hitting an exception during initialization. This normally breaks a lot of behavior, not just “Add Action” (but “Add Action” may be the only thing that’s obviously broken).

Roughly speaking, a bunch of code which is supposed to be present on the page is not present, so “Add Action” is never bound to any behavior and doesn’t actually run any code. This isn’t a problem with clicking “Add Action” running something and encountering a problem.

When phabricator-remarkup-assist initializes, JX.PHUIXAutocomplete should already be available in scope because the file explicitly @requires the associated resource (phuix-autocomplete). The resource packaging system should include both packages in the core.pkg.js bundle because resources/celerity/packages.php defines them for packaging.

There are about ten thousand possible problems here – there’s a huge amount of code involved in resource bundling and delivery – and no real way to narrow it down without access to a reproduction environment.

This is almost certainly a problem unique to your environment because resource bundling and delivery, while complex, works the same way on all installs, and an error like this in the upstream would usually break everyone.

I got told: here make this work and support it and I’m not fully sure what I’m doing.

If you have budget associated with this request, you can open a support pact on and I can help you get to the bottom of this, but be aware that it is likely to require a huge amount of time on your part if I can’t access the environment directly and have to go back and forth asking you to click things in your browser and send me screenshots.


We are looking into purchasing support. I think there are areas that I can show you, once I get support ironed out.