Maniphest documentation

This is likely a dumb question, but where on earth is the Maniphest manual? It’s not listed in the user docs, and a search for ‘Maniphest’ in all Diviner objects comes up empty…

Thanks for the help – we’re considering switching from Trac to Phabricator, but I’d really rather not have to figure out what Maniphest can and can’t do by trial and error…

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Unfortunately, there isn’t one; Hopefully, there aren’t that many things that you can do in it that you’d get lost.

Some pointers:

  • There is no way to delete things. The worst you can do is make a task invisible to everyone except yourself.
  • Admin does not bypass policies.
  • Trello-like Workboards live in Projects, not in Maniphest, but only contain Tasks.
  • Herald is where things can get complicated.
  • Keyboard shortcuts show up when you hit ?
  • You can customize forms.

Huh, that’s surprising, given the breadth of the rest of the documentation. We’re switching from Trac, so I’m looking at how to map our current workflow, constraints, etc. I guess I’ll just have to experiment!


I want a simple out-of-the-box bug tracking system and to have one bug tracker per repository.
Ideally with each bugtracker shoehow linked to a repository, so that I can link issues from commits and viceversa (if not automatically closing issues by putting “fixes #1234” in the commit message and the like, as I would do on Bitbucket), but that is not a must: I can live with a bugtracker in one place and the repository elsewhere (I’ll just reference things manually with full URLs), as long as I can easily set up several bugtrackers (I don’t care whether they are called bugtrackers, projects, or whatever, as long as the functionality is what you expect from a bugtracker: i.e. you open bugs and feature requests, you comment on them, and you close them as fixed, duplicate, invalid and the like).

What’s the best way to accomplish this? Is there one built in Phabricator?
Is that what Maniphest is for? And if so, I can see how to create tasks, but how do I group them into “projects” (and if possible, link each project to a repository)?

Just to clarify, I have a self-hosted Phabricator instance on my server; I expected to be able to do this out of the box within it (I mean I even hoped that “issues” would just be one more tab in a repository next to Branches, Tags, etc - that was wishful thinking), but if Phabricator doesn’t provide an easy-to-use (again, out of the box) tool for this, I’d rather accept that and open bugtrackers on an external hosted services (in which case I’m asking for recomendations), as opposed to investing a lot of time to bend Phabricator to my needs.

Thanks in advance.

Maniphest is a bug tracker/task system.
You can group tasks into Projects by adding the project in the the “Tags” field (“Tag” here is synonym to “Project”), and you can have a custom search query group or filter by tags, or create a dashboard in the Project page to see all the relevant tasks there.

You can use “Fixes T123” in your commit messages to automatically close the tasks.

There’s no way to have “one tracker per repository” in Phabricator - there’s just the one tracker.
You can assign Project Tags to Repositories - might provide some guidance about how to do more advanced things.

As to external tools - I know GitHub has a “bug tracker per repository” approach, and if you mirror your repository to GH, you’d also get some of the “fixes #123” magic.