Maniphest.edit to unassign owner: documentation is wrong

Observed Behavior:
Setting owner to null via maniphest.edit raises an error:
ERR-CONDUIT-CORE: Exception when processing transaction of type "owner": Error while reading "value": Expected PHID, got something else

Expected Behavior:
Setting the null value should unasign the owner of a task

Phabricator Version:
1b4017b889e29eb82eb80931eda3eeebae6b28a0 (stable Jan 27 2018)

Reproduction Steps:
Create a task with an owner
Use the maniphest.edit conduit method to unasign the owner by setting it to null

The call details I have from the library I’m using:
output=json&params={"transactions":[{“value”: “”, “type”: “owner”}], “objectIdentifier”:1234,conduit”:{"token": 'xx'}

Please note that this is a regression, this used to work with our previous version (3e10f69570c0eb007f85917e16a249ea70d2dda8)

2 other notes:

  • using “null” doesn’t work either (tested just in case)
  • using an empty string ("") works as a workaround to remove the owner

Thanks, see

(I didn’t break the workaround of using the empty string, but you should consider the behavior of the empty string to be undefined and possibly liable to break in the future.)

Thanks ! :slight_smile: