Maniphest List view shows "..." projects all too often


Observed Behavior:
List of projects gets clipped with “…” after 4 projects

Expected Behavior:
It would be great if it worked out how much space it had before adding …

Phabricator Version:
phabricator f8df273bf71887358acc6729903fc3f58ec331cf (Sun, Mar 4) (branched from 42e5b8a04bece0abe4e018deb381347ac1bf7d37 on origin)
arcanist dcd7ef66d0e419db4d97f1ebb624ec3c55e1fe4e (Sat, Mar 3)
phutil dedf260c77557ffd71ad24a1b250a882a58fa0e7 (Thu, Mar 1)

Reproduction Steps:
Find a task with more than 4 projects

Not so much a bug, more a suggestion, rightly or wrongly we use projects to represent versions/sprints/areas etc… this can mean some tasks have lots of projects

When viewing those projects only the first 4 appear, then it shows a “…” despite there being ample real estate.

This would be fine except generally speaking all the very general projects get added first (area,backlog,version,subarea) and all the specific ones (release,sprint) get added last meaning we can’t at a glance see which items are in the latest sprint

This seems to be controlled in phabricator/src/applications/maniphest/view/ManiphestTaskListView.php (line 128ish)

Where I’ve upped our limit from 4 to 7 (ok my specific problem is solved)

    id(new PHUIHandleTagListView())
      ->setNoDataString(pht('No Projects'))

I’m sure there is good reason for the limit, (e.g. mobile devices),but it would be nice if this magic number was either in the config or if the limit was more dynamic based on the size of the parent

Just a suggestion, ignore if you think its gratuitous