{meme} remarkup tag no longer working after upgrading to 2018-W09


Observed Behavior:
After upgrading to 2018-W09, the {meme} remarkup tag is no longer functioning (see screenshot).

Expected Behavior:
A tag like {meme, src=<meme_name>} is rendered as an hilarious image.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator ae7236c7a413339c7c30303a59895bccb08d47e4 (Fri, Mar 2)
arcanist 8fe1d7701e5daa3b7c8d96847fa335c0fbf66816 (Fri, Feb 16)
phutil 74e27a2b4a471a2694c46e5475c561fdaf73aab8 (Fri, Mar 2)

Reproduction Steps:
In a remarkup field, enter {meme, src=<meme_name>}. On secure.phabricator.com, you might use {meme, src=abandonmemaybe}.

Screenshot attached from Safari 11.0.3 (macOS 10.13.3) from secure.phabricator.com on Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 20:22 UTC.


This reproduces for me, but it’s complicated to fix correctly. I’ve scoped it into https://secure.phabricator.com/T13099 and will try to fix it the right way before the next release promotion; if not, there’s a quicker-but-less-desirable fix available (loosening the CSP) but I’d prefer not to do that.


This also impacts {img ...}.


This is probably (?) all (?) fixed at HEAD of master now.


Thanks, it’s working for me as of 2018-W10.