Migrating files stored in mysql as chunks to local-disk


I performed a migration according to the instructions in https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/article/configuring_file_storage/#migrating-files-between to move files (from mysql) to local-disk, but some files have not been migrated, reported as:

F1234: Stored as chunks, no data to migrate directly.

Is there more to understand from this message than this migration is not yet supported? Or is it possible to do it somehow?



This means F1234 is a pointer to chunk data (for example, it is a large file with data stored in chunks in F1235, F1236, etc). This kind of file is just a pointer to a list of other files and does not have any actual data.

The chunk files it points to store the data and will migrate normally.

This error message means what it says (“no data to migrate”), not “unable to migrate”.


Thanks for the explanation! The “directly” at the end threw me off, suggesting there is still data to migrate.