Migrating from confluence to phriction



I have setup phabricator. Wanted to know if there is any way to migrate from confluence by atlassian to phriction? Confluence provides exported data in xml, html, pdf. Any way to upload the data to phriction?


Not directly, but you can use the phriction.create conduit endpoint to create a document.
You’ll need to first convert the document from whatever format Atlassian is using to Remarkup; You can find a Pandoc producer for this in https://github.com/aaron11496/github-wiki-to-phriction.


I have the files in html format. The script runs without any errors but I cannot find anything in phriction. Any help?


What script are you running?


The Pandoc producer script from the link that you provided. It runs but I do not see any new documents in phriction. I see that it works only for github based wikis. Any idea how to use it with html/xml as source format?


Pandoc translates formatted text from one format to another.
The github repo contains an output protocol to translate thing into Remarkup.

The python script in there is only works on Github WIki; You’ll need to write your own script to extract content from Confluence, translate it using Pandoc, and upload to Phabricator - you can use that script as a starting point, by replacing all Github calls with similar calls to Confluance.


Thanks for the help!! Was able to convert it, though it was bit broken and required editing.


Hi Aditya,

We are also planning to move to Phabricator from Jira. Can you please share the script that you have prepared for Jira to Phabricator migration.


The comments section in https://secure.phabricator.com/T3179 has a bunch of import/export scripts from various sources.
Specifically, I know MediaWiki migrated from Jira to Maniphest and have some scripts around this.

Note that Phabricator is fast-moving, and scripts that worked a year or two ago might no longer work today…