Missing "Accepted Differential revision" condition in "Commit Content" Herald rule


I’m trying to follow the directions here:

but the Accepted Differential revision condition doesn’t show up in the dropdown for a (global) “Commit Hook: Commit Content” rule. It does if I choose a “Commits” rule, but I want a rule to block a push.

This is on Phabricator stable, 2018 Week 20.

Is there some extra configuration I’m missing, or has the functionality disappeared since 2014?



I can see it here (Phacility)

Unless you uninstalled Differential, I can’t think of a reason this shouldn’t be there…


No, definitely didn’t do that. But your list is interesting, and helped me discover what the problem was. Namely, that the dropdown menu (Firefox on MacOS) had no visual cue that it wasn’t displaying everything, except for a brief flash of a scrollbar when the dropdown first pops up. So everything below “Diff content” was cut off.

Terribly sorry for the noise, and thanks for the cluestick. :smiley:



Ah, yeah, MacOS. Lovely.
“Providing information to the user is ugly, stop doing that.”

This same hidden scrollbars issue keeps happening over and over again.