Moving task from milestone to column throws Unhandled Exception

Reproduction Instructions

Move a task on a workboard from a milestone column to a regular column.

I was able to reproduce this both from the default “all open” workboard view, and from the “assigned to me” view.

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontDuplicateKeyQueryException")
#1062: Duplicate entry 'PHID-PROJ-lci7ze4lrwahssnfkt7u-PHID-PCOL-5tymc6r6xqlaota445ou-PH'
for key 'boardPHID'

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

I’m not having much luck reproducing this, do you see anything I’m doing differently from what you’re doing?

Looks the same to me!

One thing I do remember about the refused moves is that they were for tasks that were in a component for which a Herald rule ensures the current project to be present (

Specifically, given a Herald rule that ensures tasks with tag A also get tag B (if tag B or B-milestone are not already present). Then on workboard B, move it from the milestone to a workboard column.

I’ll try to narrow it down a bit to see if they have anything else in common.

I can’t reproduce this anymore. I suspect either an upgrade has since resolved the bug, or that the unique circumstances needed for this bug no longer apply to this task nor any other task I tried.