New Linux Distro: OSX


Hi, I’m really interested to hear how you got a Linux kernel to work using the Darwin userland? Or perhaps there is a little bit of a mistake in your installation guide?

Mac OS X: Mac OS X is an acceptable flavor of Linux.

If you’re intentionally being cute and calling a certified UNIX operating system a Linux distro, perhaps you should put a footnote.

I look forward to testing your Phalicity[1] products on a FreeBSD VM for our internal use, I’ve found it very effective when interacting with the FreeBSD project


[1] Phalicity/Phacility… Linux/UNIX. Close enough. :wink:

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Great, I appreciate some good tongue-in-cheek! Thanks for the clarification. I’m a little sad you didn’t get a Linux kernel working with Darwin though. :yum:

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