New Users can't log in - Email Address Already In Use


We have an instance of Phabricator set up to allow user authentication through an OpenLDAP server.

I was asked to set up a few users with Phabricator accounts. Instead of letting the users automatically create their accounts by logging in, I created the accounts myself.

The users are able to log in to Phabricator using their OpenLDAP credentials but receive an error message: “Email Address Already in Use.”

Short of deleting and recreating these accounts, which Phabricator’s admin tools seem to frown on, is there anything I can do to fix this?


Not a solution and only vaguely related, but I had to say, I’ve always found the 1 email address == 1 user restriction a bit annoying, often I want to make multiple accounts and assign them all to a single email address but that is not allowed. In a large organization one may not be able to create other “real” email accounts/mailboxes (especially if they are not actual real users)


If your email address is, than practically all email servers will let you receive email at You can use this to register any amount of phabricator users with the same email account, because Phabricator considers them different emails.


Seems MS based email systems don’t like this… or perhaps corporate IT turn it off!


Well, I’m not trying to register new user accounts - I’d simply like to know if there’s anything I can do with the existing user accounts.

As a worst-case scenario, I guess I could have them register using the trick @avivey posted.


I think you should delete the accounts, if they haven’t been used yet.
You might be able to allow each user to login using email link (“Send Welcome Email”), and then have them link the account to their LDAP, but I’m not sure Linking to LDAP is a thing.


That did it. Thanks!