Newbie help - Phabricator not showing recent branches, merges etc


So i have a phabricator instance (inherited)

It recently stopped showing branches, merges etc

Do you have any starting tips ?

Thank you


It sounds like your daemons stopped working; See ◉ Managing Daemons with phd for details.



I just saw this thread pop up too, which you replied too (Phabricator suddenly broke)

So where/how is phabricator associated with the backend git ? sorry for the dumb Q

Maybe seeing whats its associated with, will help me work things through a little


Phabricator invokes git (and other programs) by invoking the git executable that’s installed on your machine.
You should have error logs with more information in the web-server’s error log output.

Hi @avivey

So i just thought i would feedback what it said

./phd status
PID Command
181465 php ./phd-daemon

should i be seeing more ?



hi @avivey

Thanks for the info, could you point me in the direction of where in SSH or GUI i can start to manage this background stuff. I have full admin access to both

Much appreciated



Just to add some more detail, i have gone here


and seen this, against ALL the projects

[Error While Initializing Repository]
[Error While Fetching Changes]

When i click on project name, it takes me to the project
When i click on the error i get a page not found,

Hope this narrows it down a litte



After a phd restart is still only shows the 1 daemon


ok… i think i may know what it is, but i dont know where to fix it

the address the git server is accessible via has changed, on/around the same time things stopped happenening… the git is on the same box as phab, but maybe i need to update a setting somewhere… i have taken a look in gui, nothing obvious ?

One daemon is fine, I think.

If the issue is likely that the observed repositories moved, you should be able to update them from each repository’s settings page - change the “Observed” uri, see ◉ Diffusion User Guide: URIs .

hi @avivey

Thanks for the pointers so far

so this is the error i now get:

Pull of '<repro name>' failed: Command failed with error #128! 
git ls-remote '********' 'refs/*' 
Could not create directory '/var/www/.ssh'. 
Warning: Permanently added '<phab/git server ip>' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
git@<phab/git server ip>: Permission denied (publickey). 
fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

I have from ssh (on the phab/git box, checked and i can:

ssh git@<phab/git server ip>

with no issues.

Maybe im needing to be trying this from the phab user ? would this be ubuntu ?

thank you


From the error message, it looks like Phabricator is trying to pull from itself?

This is repository hosted by Phabricator, or is it hosted elsewhere and Observed by Phabricator?

hi @avivey

im not sure the absolute answers… but…

  • git is running on the same server as phab
  • phab doesnt seem to be hosting the git, just observing

Let me know any other info you need to guide me…



What server software is hosting the git repositories then? What do you use to create repositories and manage access?

From the error message, it looks like the ssh keys Phabricator is using to fetch the git repository doesn’t match. The keys used are normally managed from the URI screen.
There’s also a concerning Could not create directory '/var/www/.ssh'. message that might be related.


I dont have all the clear answers… i guess i have just been doing things to achieve a goal, vs complete understanding…

so on production servers i ‘git fetch’ and ‘git pull’, this gets code from the git/phab server

on dev i do the branch creation, merge etc within the respository via ssh to/from the git/phab server

Let me know anything else i can provide specifics on…


Yeah, you should understand more about the system you manage.
It’s possible you have a different service that hosts git and it’s running on the same machine as Phabricato. It’s also possible that Phabricator is hosting your git repos.
To figure out how to fix things, it’s important to know what you have.

I suggest you learn about git hosting from .


Thank you, i will dig in and get myself better informed, i massively appreciate the pointers



hi @avivey

So it in the end (once i allocated some time to it) a simple thing which wasnt immediately obvious to me.

when i changed the uri to the correct address, i had not chosen the SSH key to use. Maybe on changing the uri, it doesnt set one ? and doesnt use the same as before… all quite logically

soon as i set that, its connected and pull in all the history etc

thanks again for the guidance