Newbie Question

Hey Guys

I recently just installed Phabricator onto my server and am excited to use it.
I myself am not a developer but hope to use this as a tool for my team as it seems to be the best option by far.

We have a good amount of Self Hosted apps and Client Wordpress sites on our Servers.
Is it possible to sync files for each site/app to Phabricator to where we can make updates/changes in Phabricator and then push back to the server?

This may be a basic function, I am not sure.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Aaron, welcome!

If you store each site in version control, like git, then this would be a basic feature of Phabricator - Version Control Repository hosting/browsing.

It doesn’t automatically sync stuff files back to the servers though - your team will have to setup some kind of deployment flow to get that working.

What features of Phabricator did you plan to use in your team?

Thanks for getting back to me Aviv!

Thats good to know that it is possible, I will keep it in mind for sure.
We may not want to auto sync it but maybe even a manual push, I don’t know.

I’m hoping we can utilize every feature. I’ve been reading up a ton about this, and it all seems super useful. Once we get a team together I’m sure they will figure out what they will want to use the most. But I’m assuming everything.

In addition to hosting our self hosted apps and website files, we are looking to develop applications for clients and ourselves using Phabricator. The first web app I’m looking to create is an SSO/Identity Management System using Laravel PHP for backend and Vue.JS for front end. (Gluu.Org For Identity Server)

Does Phabricator allow for Open Sourcing Projects similar to GitHub? (I Imagine Yes)

Edit: I did download Phabricator from GitHub though. Does Phabricator have the same option to allow me to download from it just like GitHub?

Phabricator is not designed for open-source projects as such; You can keep everything in your site readable to everyone (no login required), including publicly cloning repositories, and allow everyone to create an account, but it’s not built around the same core features of GitHub (forking, pull requests) that are good for open-source.

Instead, each developer needs to Install Arcanist and submit Revisions through it directly from their computers; It’s more setup work on the developers, in order to reduce total workload. Most contributers, when coming from GitHub, are not happy to install Arcanist.

I gotcha, if they didn’t use Arcanist; would they just be member on the project and can request a change essentially?

There are a few open-source projects that are run on Phabricator platform - Phabricator itself (although it hardly takes any contributions from “the general public”), and also Blender, KDE, and a few more.

Users who don’t install Arcanist can basically do everything except submit code changes.

Ok I see. Is it possible to sync a Phabricator file with a GitHub Account?

It’s possible to sync a repository from Phabricator to Github - that’s how you downloaded it from github.
It’s also possible to sync from github to phabricator.

It’s a per-repository setting, there’s no global setup.

Ok cool, thanks for your help man I appreciate it.