No maniphest custom field (type date) search in conduit


Observed Behavior:
Adding a custom field with type date does not appear to work with conduit. We have the following custom field type defined for Maniphest:

  "easypost.due-date": {
    "name": "Due Date",
    "type": "date",
    "copy": true,
    "search": true

It shows up as a searchable column in the Maniphest search UI and can be searched, but there appears to be no way to use Conduit to do a search with a constraint on that field.

Expected Behavior:

The field should be settable as a constraint with the “Start” and “End” suffixes that the built-in date fields have.

Phabricator Version:

Phabricator is an internal fork last merged with upstream/stable at 52600a415159595526d48bf1d8de4887f7840fad
libphutil 47c97f0c48429a25f35ca9b515c7b9e15889d77f

Reproduction Steps:

Create a custom date field
Attempt to do a conduit call with that field


The conduit application in our install states that our custom date fields are Not Supported for use as Custom Query Constraints.


But they are supported through the GUI, so it seems like a reasonable expectation that they’d also be supported through Conduit?

I’m trying to build automation (i.e., e-mail someone if they have a task due today) and it’s nearly impossible without proper conduit support for date fields.