Notification format


I’m currently looking into writing a small application (most likely in golang or node.js) that receives notifications from Phabricator and filters out chat notifications to push them via pushover to mobile phones.
So far, this seems to be very straight forward. It appears that I can just add a 2nd notification server to notification.servers and I should be all set. However, I couldn’t find the documentation of the format/data that gets send to a server that is being registered there. Could somebody please point me to the place where I can find that?

Or maybe there is already another way to receive push notifications on a smart phone when something happens in a chat? Unfortunately, browser notifications don’t work for mobile phones if the browser application is closed (or the phabricator tab closed). E-Mail obviously works but some of us don’t like to get spammed by chat notifications via e-mail.

Any help would be much appreciated.


There’s definitively no documentation on that. It’s a json blob, and it’s written in PHP and is being JavaScript (And then written again in JavaScript, maybe? Maybe in a different format?). You’ll have to read the code to read it.

Otherwise, look at (Getting information out of Phabricator) and (Web Push Notification).


Thank you a lot for your response. I’ll look into this.