Observe Repository with Custom Branches


My research lab would like to mirror several open source repositories while maintaining local private branches while the work is in early stages. It seems that the system doesn’t want to allow us to mirror a repository and allow reviews against private branches. Any suggestions on how to work around this?


What exactly are you trying to do, and what doesn’t work? Any way I understand your question, things should just work.


I have a repository in observe mode mirroring a public git repository, but I want to push to private branches/post reviews against the private branch. It seems pretty clear from the documentation that there’s no way maintain observe mode with private branches.



Right, if you’re Observing a repo, it’s just a view; All write operations (git push) are supposed to go on the place where you’re observing from.
You can import the repo and Host it yourself instead of Observing; That will allow you to git push stuff to your copy, but stop mirroring the original. You can then set up some other script to update your local copy from the origin.