Ongoing communications, fork, etc

Presumably everybody here has seen the announcement that Evan is stopping development on Phabricator, and this forum (as well as everything else related to Phabricator) is going away soon.

I still think Phabricator is a great project and would be interested in ensuring that it continues to be supported by the community.

It looks like there’s already a #phabricator channel on, but it seems very quiet; has anyone started organizing a hypothetical “community-led” phabricator successor/fork? With any luck, some of the larger enterprises and organizations that rely on Phabricator could do some of the heavy lifting here… We’d want to make sure to get Evan to assign trademarks and such to any future organization.

Even if all we could do was make sure that Phabricator as it stands kept working on newer versions of PHP, I think that would be of tremendous value to the community.

There really is no other project out there that provides what Phabricator does, as a performant, on-prem, highly-automatable, all-in-one project management tool.


There have been quite a lot of interested parties so far expressing interest in a community fork.

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