Open-source docker-compose and image for Phabricator

Hello community!

I want to introduce my open-source repository with a docker image and docker-compose for the Phabricator app.
It’s a single docker image of Phabricator so all components running inside of one container using supervisord (I know that it’s not the best approach, however, it allows you to have only one container instead of three).
The repository also includes a docker-compose file for amd64 and arm architectures so you are able to run it on home servers like Raspberry-Pi.

Docker-compose file includes phabricator-app image, minio file server, and MariaDB. For arm version, I rebuilt minio image to be able to run it on RPi 3B+.

Development of image is in progress and I’m able to support and maintain repo to fix possible issues, so please let me know if you find one.

Link to the GitHub repo: