Owners: exclude subdmodule paths

In a project, we have a top repository containing submodules and build system.

Each submodule have its own owner package, under code review.

On top repository, we want to activate code review on the build system, but not on the submodules (which have their own code review).

We tried to exclude submodules path. In Edit paths, I did:

  • Add a new path
  • I select the top repository
  • I select Exclude
  • the submodule appears in the path completion list
  • when I select the submodule path, the path is said Path Not Found On Defaut Branch
  • finally, I can see that any commit updating the submodule will raise an error if not reviewed

Is there any way to exclude a submodule from a owner package? Is it supported?

Current workaround is to exclude / and include relevant paths and files.

What version of Phabricator are you running? (You can find this in Config or Config > Version Information.)