PDF files are always downloaded

Some of our users have complaints about the handling of PDF files of the files plugin. They are always downloaded, never shown with the PDF viewer of the browser itself. It is not a big problem, just wanted to know, if there is maybe a workaround or configuration. I already tried to add the the pdf mimetype to the config files.viewable-mime-types like so "application/pdf": "application/octet-stream". But that changed nothing. Any Idea?

Set it to "application/pdf": "application/pdf", and it will show them in the browser.

Yeah, that was my first try… but no luck either. Are you sure? Mh, I try it again and bust all caches.

That’s how I have it set up, and PDFs are viewed (The File page shows a “View File” button vs a “Download”). They are not embedded in the File page like images though, I don’t think there’s a way to do that (It would have to be a different HTML tag, embed/object vs img).

now,the file just show “Download” button.

when file type in files.viewable-mime-types,show the “View File” button and “Download” button.

Can do this?

Still see the Download button… what am I doing wrong? I overwrite files.viewable-mime-types in the local.json like this:

I’m not sure. It looks right.Maybe try clearing caches and restarting the server.

show the “View File” button and “Download” button.

No, there’s no way to show both.

I’m at same situation - never been able to show online render of PDFs.
Everytime are represented like files with Download button.
Nor restart, nor different browsers helps.
Config are untouched like previous mantioned.
Any thoughts ?

OMG I found the way now - we shouldn’t press file name, we should press the ICON to see PDF in new tab :slight_smile:
Hum not so easy - that works ONLY when you look file object in FIles but not attached in task with {Fxxxx} :confused:

Hello ?
If I understand correct - if the file type is described as viewable in MIME types the button should be VIEW vs DOWNLOAD per unviewable?
But in our instance of latest (19.oct.2020) still shown only DOWNLOAD.
MIME types are as usual:

“image/jpeg”: “image/jpeg”,
“image/jpg”: “image/jpg”,
“image/png”: “image/png”,
“image/gif”: “image/gif”,
“text/plain”: “text/plain; charset=utf-8”,
“text/x-diff”: “text/plain; charset=utf-8”,
“image/x-ico”: “image/x-icon”,
“image/x-icon”: “image/x-icon”,
“image/vnd.microsoft.icon”: “image/x-icon”,
“application/ogg”: “application/ogg”,
“audio/x-wav”: “audio/x-wav”,
“audio/mpeg”: “audio/mpeg”,
“audio/ogg”: “audio/ogg”,
“video/mp4”: “video/mp4”,
“video/ogg”: “video/ogg”,
“video/webm”: “video/webm”,
“video/quicktime”: “video/quicktime”,
“application/pdf”: “application/pdf”