Phabricator add a new auth provider

i have wiki and phabricator.
wiki is a mediawiki, use OAuth1,and I register for phabricator, achieve a customer key and secret key.
but i browse my website “http://hostname/auth/config/new/”, mediawiki not found.
and i found JIRA BITBUCKET TWITTER use oauth1 in /phabricator/src/applications/auth/provider

so, i dont know how to add a new auth provider ,please help me.
could you give me a document or advice?
only copy a PhabricatorJIRAAuthProvider.php ? how to revise the file ?

You should check out (also available at - it’s a set of extensions for Phabricator built and used by the Mediawiki org, including an auth provider.

thank you very much:smiley::+1:

I will try.

hello,friend , the phabricator give me a exception :

Unhandled Exception (“Exception”)
Expected ‘oauth_callback_confirmed’ to be ‘true’!

I receive consumer key and secret key from wiki.
I have config consumer key and secret key in phabricator.
and callback url in wiki.

so , I dont know how to resolve this problem

Sorry, I don’t know about this. Sounds like a configuration error - double check all your configuration values, and pay attention to http:// vs https:// and stuff like that.