Phabricator and Android Open Source Project (Android OS)


Hello all,

Right now we do AOSP development in Gerrit, and
I have query from the management to do research about
possible migration from Gerrit to Phabricator.
I don’t really know much about Phabricator, never used it before.

Can we have Gerrit like ‘TOPIC’ where multiple diffs are committed together?
Can i require more than one approval, before a diff becomes accepted?
And how it fits with AOSP projects in general?



It wouldn’t be easy; There are many features in Gerrit that have no equivalent in Phabricator:

  • Multi-repository support, such as the “Topic” feature you describe, does not exist. Each Revision exists on its own in Phabricator (There’s a “Depends On” relation between revisions, but it only serves to inform reviewers).
  • Requiring “more than one” approval is possible, but works differently. In Phabricator, you describe a set of teams and/or users that must approve a Revision, and one person from each team is required, but a single person can be part of many teams.
  • There are no management actions for many repositories at once, such as “create a branch”
  • Landing (committing) a Revision from the web interface is a little hard to set up.
  • And there’s probably more things missing.