Phabricator CircleCI Integration


I was trying to use CircleCI with Phabricator but wasn’t able to set it up since my repository is not on GIthub.

I believe this is the CR which added the support for CircleCI: which checks whether the hostname is bitbucket.
My repository builds and works well with bitbucket, wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of why it wouldn’t work with BitBucket.

CircleCI 2.0 on Phabricator?

When the integration was written, CircleCI only supported GitHub, which is why the code only allows for Github integration.
Also note that it looks like the current integration will not work past August 31st, which is very soon now.


You are right @avivey

I was able to modify the code to pick up bitbucket as well for repositories. Since I am on the new CircleCI 2.0(1.0 is the one getting deprecated) setup, it didn’t start the building process even after adding this setup.


Also see CircleCI 2.0 on Phabricator? which has lots of links explaining how CircleCI are dropping (official) support for what Phabricator used to use.

FWIW my company had a CircleCI rep contact us so we asked them about the issues noted in that discourse discussion (and in the upstream Phabricator ticket). The rep explained:

CircleCI wants to eventually be VCS agnostic but the webhook integration feature which used to work with Phabricator is not supported on the CircleCI 2.0 platform.