Phabricator Command Line


I’m looking to delete a repository I’m observing from GitHub and it says the only way to do it is from the command line: phabricator/ $ ./bin/remove destroy

I had some help installing phabricator to my server and am unsure how exactly to use it’s command line. I am getting used to using the MacOS terminal, but just can’t figure out how to cd phabricator.

Is there a way to delete from the command line on my mac or do I have to do it from the server somehow?

That’s a server command.
The really dangerous things in Phabricator are all done logging into the server in a terminal, and running shell commands.

You can disable the repository from the web browser; disabled repositories will stop being updated, and refuse most actions, but will not delete anything and allow you to re-activate later. Visit the repository’s settings/management page for that.