Phabricator Docker doesn't start daemon

We are using the Phabricator docker image from:

However, whenever the container is restarted the daemon isn’t started by default and we have to go into the container and run:

./bin/phd start

manually. Is there something we are missing about how to get this to start on boot of the container?



This image isn’t maintained by the upstream. You should contact the maintainers of the image for support.

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Sorry, hadn’t noticed on the repo it said “unofficial”, I just assumed it being phabricator/phabricator that it was official.

See also There is no guarantee that x/y on Docker Hub is owned by any entity connected to x or y, and, obviously, even if the image said “100% Official Docker Image, Definitely Real And Authentic” you’d still be running arbitrary untrusted code prepared by an anonymous third party.

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If anyone comes across this here in future, you can find a solution here: