Phabricator does not respect / have a 'request desktop site' function


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Note: tested on Chrome for iOS 76.0.3809.123 using iPhone 8 running iOS 12.4 (16G77)
Reproduction Instructions for version tested on

  1. Go to your phab instance
  2. open the 3 dots menu at the bottom right of chrome
  3. tap ‘Request Desktop Site’
  4. Nothing will happen

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
phabricator f74f953c7d26b33342de9cb15cd41d652f491cbe (Tue, Aug 20) (branched from 82cf97ad65a910cb55e9c53c3e80f0740a724a10 on origin) arcanist feb5f4d42c4fe0001e76428e80d5e88262308802 (Jun 22 2019) (branched from d92fa96366c0ed50e4257508148aa75192d4fb1f on origin) phutil 8df85007f38ecd06867582fa0539429a3ae83a37 (Wed, Jul 31) (branched from b416093386a225b1d9a2de906899b94cbf4babcb on origin) php 7.3.8-1+0~20190807.43+debian9~1.gbp7731bf diff 3.5 at /usr/bin/diff git 2.20.1 at /usr/bin/git hg Not Available pygmentize 2.2.0 at /usr/bin/pygmentize svn 1.9.5 at /usr/bin/svn

@reception123 done

I’ve created a ticket for it at

Why are you requesting the desktop site on a mobile device?

I find it easier to access menus and see what is happening on the desktop site compared to mobile one.

Do you think this is something we could improve on the low-resolution view of the site, or is the best possible version of the site for you on your device a very tiny version of the desktop site that you (presumably?) have to pinch-zoom to read or interact with?

Desktop version would be better. I’ve got quite used to tapping small things!

Alright, I’ll keep this in mind if we see other feedback in this vein. I don’t currently plan to follow up here since I think this is a very fringe use case (I don’t recall any other users ever asking for a way to see a tiny version of the desktop site on phones).

Browsers do not send a request for a given version of a site and, to a very close approximation, Phabricator does not serve multiple versions of the site: it serves a single responsive version of the site. This menu action can only mean something like “Reload the page, pretending to be a device with a very large screen”. (From StackOverflow, it looks like the only server-visible change may be a change to the UA string.)

Since this doesn’t work (i.e., the browser has different behavior than it would if it actually had a very large screen), I’d argue it’s plausibly an issue with Chrome. You might have more luck surfacing this to the Chrome team.

Depending on how it’s implemented, turning your phone into landscape mode may also trigger the site to reflow into the desktop layout.