Phabricator for a mono repo, shared branch data science team

Hello team, I’m a former Googler and 0 experience with phabricator. I now work for DeepFraud AI and we’re looking to switch from Github to Phabricator, as it is a much closer match to how we want to work (frequent collaboration, review code while it’s in a draft state pre-commit, frequent and small commits, etc.). This is actually exactly how the workflow at Google works with g4 and Critique (unfortunately I have not read good thoughts about Gerritt).

We’d like to work in a mono repo, shared branch (use feature branches used only for unusually complex projects or projects we think might be abandoned).

We find Github workflows to discourage frequent collaboration, discourage small commits, encouraging isolated development and PR’s that are large and daunting.

I’m looking for a beginner’s getting started guide that explains the workflows. I found this from 2012:
But it assumes feature branch workflow for both cases.

If anyone has written such a “getting started” guide for their team, would be great if you could share.

the “feature branches” mentioned in that article are local to the developer, they’re not pushed anywhere.
You can call them “work branches” if it’s makes more sense?