Phabricator help

I am new to phabricator but i am struggling to set configurations in Phabricator. Below is an example:

When i run
sudo ./bin/config set security.alternate-file-domain to set the domain file name, phabricator tell me the following: Set 'security.alternate-file-domain' in local configuration. and i dont know where to do this at all.

I am trying to setup the outbound email (which i have gone through the documentation) but thats now really confusing.

Any help?

Actually, it’s saying that it did successfully set the configuration the the value provided. You’re good.

Thank you very much for the reply.

I did set up my office365 stmp details but still no email is being sent out. Im not sure where the logs are that i can check.

The change in should make the feedback from bin/config set ... more clear.