Phabricator/JIRA http/https mismatch causes broken images

When using Phabricator with JIRA integration, reviews appear in JIRA issues as issue links


This is really nice because you can click on the link in JIRA and jump back to Phabricator

However in Micrsoft Edge (the new chrome based one) the image appears like so:

This is because edge is giving this warning

The URL to JIRA is https, but the url to my phabricator instance is http:// not https://

The original html for the image is this

but I guess Edge is transforming the http to be https and this is resulting in this error during loading, that is cannot find the image


I’m not completely convinced this is a Phabricator issue, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this?


There is nothing Phabricator can realistically do about this.

The best way to avoid this is to deploy Phabricator behind HTTPS.