Phabricator should allow you to change notification settings for individual projects

I’ve noticed with some projects on a phabricator instance that they will edit the task description for their tasks a lot (and a bit needlessly personally) and I’d like to prevent emails for task description changes for just that project but as far as I’m aware you can’t edit notification settings for just one project.

I would expect that if a task had more than one project - phab would either let you pick which setting to chose or by default have a setting to choose the strictest setting or weakest etc…

—Version info—

05afa15ce649ee208cf3c022c75aa85ae390eabc (Thu, Jul 4)


f43c63ef5aaafaa8bf32ba4784d167a0448efd1a (Dec 20 2018)


1ce011bc65687b2571c839bc1a0439cb1b0cdfd6 (Wed, Jul 10)

See for plans here, but this is currently a very low priority.

Thanks for the quick reply, Sounds good.