Phabricator update: login error

I just updated all of /libphutil /arcanist /phabricator to the most recent (stable) published version.
/libphutil (stable) is removed
/arcanist (stable) [a0c346bf63ec]
/phabricator (stable) [f686a0b8275e]
When I perform storage upgrade I get the following:
that there are 15 adjustments found -> all of them are listed and under the column “issues” is this written “Missing key”
then I can choose (yes/no) to apply -> the following error occurs for both decisions
When I want to login -> phabricator redirected to the shibboleth login successfully -> after return again to the phabricator home page I get this error:

Unhandled Exeption (“RuntimeException”)
undefined index:


I can’t reproduce this.

(Since Phabricator does not ship with Shibboleth support, you may have an extension providing it; that extension may have a bug.)

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With this version: ibphutil 2019 week 39 (Very Late September) (stable) and phabricator 2019 week 50 (mid december) (stable). Everything still worked here. but after updating, this error occurs, which I mentioned above. I did not change anything else in the extensions. I dont if this will help, I can check commit for commit and then see when this accurs. Or go through all the keys within the Shibboleth extension again. What do you think ?

If a change to Phabricator broke a third-party extension, that generally means the extension needs to be updated.

There’s a significant chance that exposed an existing bug in the extension.

Thanks for the answer. I will check and test it, but I have to postpone it until the end of July for work and deadline reasons. As soon as I have worked on it I will let you know.

Sorry, it took longer than I thought. Now I am back again and have tried to work on it again.
briefly about my working environment:

  • I’m working with shibboleth, I had 2 .php extensions inside /libphutil/src/extensions there was an update and after that phabricator did not work anymore so I moved these 2 extensions from /libphutil/src/extensions to /phabricator/src/extensions after that everything worked again as usual.
  • now after updating /phabricator /libphutil /arcanist to the version (stable) 2020 week 16 everything is working as usual except the login process via shibboleth. (Call URL -> log in via shibboleth -> redirect to database -> enter data -> “Digital ID Card” appears -> confirm and you will be redirected back to the URL -> error appears)
  • From my side I have not changed anything to the extensions. I’m working at the university and I asked them if they have changed anything, they answered “no”.
  • so if I downgrade the version to before 2020 week 16 everything works as usual even the login via shibboleth

I don’t know how to continue, you tell me it’s because of the extensions, maybe there is a bug or whoever is managing the shibboleth. And the other side at the university tells me that nothing has changed.


Can you explain why you don’t seem to think the answers I’ve already provided give you the correct way forward (“the extension needs to be updated”)?

It’s possible for the extension to require an update when you update Phabricator, even though the extension and Shibboleth have not changed. Suppose you buy a new phone: you might then need to update your phone charging cable, even though the plug in the wall of your house has not changed. This is similar to updating Phabricator (“buying a new phone”): you may need to update your extension (“charging cable”) even though Shibboleth (“the outlet in your house”) has not changed.

I completely forgot that these extensions were added from me. I’m sorry. I understood your answer, again sorry. I’m working on finding out where exactly this error lies. I have a hunch now. I will get back and let you know. Thank you very much.