Phabricator update: login error

I just updated all of /libphutil /arcanist /phabricator to the most recent (stable) published version.
/libphutil (stable) is removed
/arcanist (stable) [a0c346bf63ec]
/phabricator (stable) [f686a0b8275e]
When I perform storage upgrade I get the following:
that there are 15 adjustments found -> all of them are listed and under the column “issues” is this written “Missing key”
then I can choose (yes/no) to apply -> the following error occurs for both decisions
When I want to login -> phabricator redirected to the shibboleth login successfully -> after return again to the phabricator home page I get this error:

Unhandled Exeption (“RuntimeException”)
undefined index:


I can’t reproduce this.

(Since Phabricator does not ship with Shibboleth support, you may have an extension providing it; that extension may have a bug.)

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With this version: ibphutil 2019 week 39 (Very Late September) (stable) and phabricator 2019 week 50 (mid december) (stable). Everything still worked here. but after updating, this error occurs, which I mentioned above. I did not change anything else in the extensions. I dont if this will help, I can check commit for commit and then see when this accurs. Or go through all the keys within the Shibboleth extension again. What do you think ?

If a change to Phabricator broke a third-party extension, that generally means the extension needs to be updated.

There’s a significant chance that exposed an existing bug in the extension.

Thanks for the answer. I will check and test it, but I have to postpone it until the end of July for work and deadline reasons. As soon as I have worked on it I will let you know.