Pholio More Like Differential?


I’m wondering if there are any plans to update Pholio so it has a couple of the same features as Differential. I can’t imagine these would actually take a lot of work to implement.

  • Associating Pholios with one another (Linked Objects…)
  • Reviewers
  • Review Status (Request Changes, Plan Changes, Approved, Abandoned)


From :

Pholio is a design review application, similar to Differential but for pictures.

We shipped Pholio in 2013. It is a core application.

  • We have no major plans to change Pholio.


Right. Meh, well, a guy can dream.

Maybe if I ever have time again, I can add some of those features myself. At worst, I’ve got 'em locally, at best, they get accepted to prod. :slight_smile:

That said, I do question the “no major plans” label…that’s been contradicted unexpectedly before. For example, I know y’all are in the process of rewriting all the core applications to use the new edit engine. But then, that might still not be considered “major”…

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