PHP 7.2 support

Phabricator appears to have trouble under PHP 7.2 and the manual recommends 5.2 or newer.

7.1 will be EOL from security patches in just a few months, so moving to 7.3 would be ideal now.

  • Will the problems with 7.2 and higher be resolved soon?
  • Can the manual be updated to reflect the more suitable versions of PHP which are recommended?

While I was reading that manual page, I noticed jokes about a “normal computer” and OSX being a flavour of Linux. They all feel a bit dated and odd. A Raspberry Pi is a normal computer. It often runs Linux. Is a “shared host” a BSD jail or a Linux container? They work pretty well.


Phabricator works great on PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3.

Great, thanks. Is there somewhere I can track which versions are recommended or should we always assume that the latest version of PHP is immediately supported once it is declared stable?

All versions 5.2 and newer are recommended (except 7.0 through 7.1). Phabricator runs the same on any version of PHP. The best version is whatever’s easiest for you to install.

The latest version of PHP is immediately supported as soon as it exists.