Phrequent Time Tracking broken - Tracker counts 2 times and is not stoppable


Observed Behavior:
Today, I’ve been tracking time on a task using the Phrequent time-tracking-application and discovered some odd behavior: The tracker started counting 2 times for the same task at once.
After clicking on the “stop tracking time” button, I got the following error:


There seems to be no way to stop the timer-tracker for my user account now. Even after disabling and re-enabling both the user account and the Phrequent application, the tracker keeps running again.

Expected Behavior:
The Time-Tracker should be stoppable in every case. I have no possibility to stop time-tracking, that makes Phrequent completely useless for my team. Is there any chance to get this fixed?

Phabricator Version:
From the Config application, the version of Phabricator

Reproduction Steps:
not reproducible at all, bug seems to be completely random.
I’d like to post more Screenshots, but due to the policy of discourse I am only allowed to post one image per post as a new user.



any ideas?



I’ve encountered this in the past as well. It occurs because you clicked the “start” button twice, so there are now two Phrequent objects. You need to go into the database and delete one of them.



Hi dcollins,
thank you - we also deleted the database objects. There seems to be no other solution for this problems.

But it’s quite sad that bug reports are not accepted for prototypes and free feedback which could be used in order to improve an application in development is being closed as invalid.
Without the help of the community reporting bugs, it’ll be much harder to resolve all the problems of the prototype and it’s getting even more unrealistic, that the application will ever leave the prototype state.

I like the phrequent application and I’d welcome further development of it. And I’m also willing to help improving it by reporting bugs - if it only was accepted.

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How did you guys find the wrong object in database ?


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