Phriction documents in Dashboards

I think Phabricator is great and it is very close to be the all-in-one solution for many sites. One place where we believe it could be improved is Phriction. We are using it for internal and external documentation but the navigation is lacking somewhat. We are following several tasks with great interest, like T8552 .

I have been thinking about another proposal: Use Dashboards to customize the browsing of Phriction documents. The possible steps would be:

  • create a Dashboard panel that can display Phriction pages.
  • add options to this panel to hide the history and comments section of the pages.
  • add options to this panel to choose another Dashboard panel as target for the new pages to open when links are clicked.

That would be pretty much it, and you should be able to add a 2/3,1/3 dashboard with a hand-made index on the narrow panel opening pages in the wider panel.

Sorry if all of this doesn’t make sense, we are just starting to try to “get” Phabricator’s way.