Phriction page preview doesn't load sometimes


At work, we use Phriction to maintain a wiki. Sometimes when I’m editing a document, the preview at the bottom of the page doesn’t load. It says Loading preview… for all eternity, and I have actually waited for all eternity and still nothing. Do others experience this phenomenon? If so, are there any known causes, like, maybe there’s some problematic string of characters in the page text somewhere that’s tripping up the parser, or something like that? It’s a great frustration to my workflow.

Edit: I’m pretty sure it’s not a problematic character string because sometimes it won’t load even when the contents are very simple (just the word test, for example).


Can you replicate this with your browser network tools open, and see whether the XHR response to the preview request has any clues?


Hah. I opened the network tools and reloaded the page and the preview loaded. Well, the next time it doesn’t work, I will try that and return to this thread with my findings.


Hey, it started happening again. I opened my developer tools and went to the Network tab and reloaded the page, and it still isn’t loading the preview. Now, I’m not a web dev, so I don’t know what XHR means, etc., but I’ve filtered the results to show just XHR stuff, and nothing is listed there. Any other ideas?