Phriction Table of Contents (Toc) Gone?

I may have missed this in the ChangeLog and can’t seem to find it in there, but has the Phriction ToC menu been removed from Phriction in a recent release?

Update: It seems I was too hasty, it’s only gone in Firefox?! (76.0.1)

I can’t reproduce this in Firefox 76.0.1.

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Hmm, odd, I’ve tried three different installations now:

  • 76.0.1 on home Linux workstation = gone.
  • 76.0.1 on windows remote desktop server = gone.
  • 68.4.1esr on windows remote desktop server = still there.

Upon investigating further, on the same browser installations a new private window works again.

Maybe you have some anti-popup or another altering-dom plugin installed (that’s disabled in private mode)?

Or maybe your window is not wide enough?

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D’oh, I had the Tree Style Tab extension enabled … which made the window viewport narrow enough to hide the hamburger menu. The extension itself doesn’t break anything.

On the remote desktop server I also had the remote resolution set low enough at full screen to hide it.

My apologies :slight_smile:

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See for planned changes here.

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These proposed changes are appreciated. We have a substantial internal operations documentation tree in Phriction that suffers from a few of the current quirks:

  • The page history on our top level pages tends to be larger than the page contents due to number of edits.
  • Many new users get confused by the document hierarchy being at the bottom so we end up re-creating bits of the hierarchy in the page contents for these top level more structural pages.
  • Our document hierarchy on these top level pages is large.
  • Heading nesting levels aren’t always clear in the ToC.

We migrated some of this content from MediaWiki and Trac previously (via the API) and have made extensive use of the page move functionality. It’s all worked very well for us in general.